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Join Hunger Strike in support of Sewol Families Calling for Enacting A Special Law on Sewol

[Please Join] Hunger Strike in support of Sewol Families Calling for Enacting A Special Law on Sewol

Mr. Kim Young-oh, Yoomin’s father continued his hunger strike for 40 days as of today(22 August 2014). This morning at around 8 am(Korean time), he was sent to the hospital due to his health condition. Sewol families have continued their protest in front of the main building of the National Assembly for almost 40 days. Three family members who carried 6kg cross and marched for almost 900km for around 40 days calling for a transparent and independent investigation.

Sewol families have continuously called to enact a special law for a transparent and independent criminal investigation and indictment. The special law should also include strong measures to prevent further tragedies like the Sewol Ferry tragedy. The Government and the ruling party are refusing to accept the demands under the pretext that we did not have precedent in the country. In South Korea, the prosecutors’ office has an authority to indictment.

We all know that “One cannot be neutral about human pain.” Let’s walk one step closer to Sewol families and hold their hands. Let’s enact a Special Law on Sewol with people power.

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